Asset consulting for private individuals

For ARISCO as an independent financial planner and asset consultant, you and your individual needs and dreams are the focus of our attention. Simply knowing your life goals is not enough for us; we want to understand them. We are convinced that it is not individual, separate measures that lead to success, but comprehensive advice and analysis of all income, pension and asset components.


What advantages does an asset planning and an asset consulting with ARISCO offer?

ARISCO works independently from banks and product providers. We do not sell our own financial products.

What are the reasons for investing my vested benefit capital individually?

The so-called "third contributor" to your pension capital is the interest or yield. If your risk appetite and investment horizon allow, saving securities is the more attractive solution in the long term. Choosing the appropriate investment strategy determines the return and risk paths.

When can I have my vested benefit capital paid out early?
  • When taking up self-employment.
  • If you wish to use the credit balance to finance owner-occupied housing.
  • If you are leaving Switzerland permanently (restrictions for EU and EFTA countries).
  • If you receive a full disability pension from Federal Disability Insurance.
Is taking out private life insurance a good idea?

For individual risk protection in the event of death or disability, we believe that a life insurance policy (without a savings component) is still the right instrument or product. For long-term savings (pillar 3a / 3b), we recommend a banking solution due to the greater transparency and flexibility.

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