Pension arrangements for companies and employees

As an attractive employer, you want to offer your employees pension benefits that meet all their needs. We analyse the current situation of your employee benefits and develop tailor-made solutions for you – from selecting an organisational form to evaluating the providers that best suit your company and your employees.

Your benefits

  • Less work for your HR employees with pension and admin questions
  • Informing the insured on the value of the pension fund benefit
  • Support in contact with authorities
  • Assistance with the transfer or merger of different schemes
  • Development of tailor-made investment strategies

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Roger Rogenmoser

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+ 41 44 986 30 07


What is the difference between a full insurance and a semi-autonomous insurance solution?

With the full insurance solution, the insurer assumes the investment risk of the foundation. The foundation always shows a coverage ratio of 100%. This requires a lower-risk investment strategy, which tends to lead to lower returns. In full insurance, the interest rate and conversion rate therefore tend to be lower and the risk/administrative costs tend to be higher.

With the semi-autonomous solution, the affiliated company assumes the investment risk. The interest and conversion rate therefore tend to be higher, and the risk and administrative costs lower.

What occupational pension risks do I bear as an entrepreneur and employer?

With a partially autonomous pension solution, you as the entrepreneur bear the investment risk. The trick is to design a pension fund solution that fits perfectly with the philosophy and the employees of the company from an economic point of view. Since pension funds tend to generate insufficient income in economically difficult times and the coverage ratio declines, any financial risk therefore also comes into play in economically unfavourable times.

Pension fund: A marketing and employee retention tool?

The awareness and the external perception of the pension solution provided by the employer is a major factor in retaining and recruiting employees. So yes, the pension can be a marketing and motivational tool if it is appreciated and used accordingly.

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