Risk management as practised by ARISCO is comprised of a systematic process that leads from a well-founded analysis and personal consultation to the proposal of efficient solutions. These solutions are reviewed in an ongoing dialogue and periodically readjusted in light of changing internal and external circumstances. In this way, we help you to consciously deal with opportunities and risks so that you can achieve your set goals.

Entrepreneurial risk dialogue

Not everything goes according to plan in day-to-day business: A project manager may be absent for a long time in the middle of an important project. The production machine could suffer a defect during production. The warehouse in the basement might get flooded. Our innovative approach to consulting enables our clients to understand and better manage the risks they face in a dynamic and complex environment. Our goal is to work with you to create an integrated risk management system that gives you the resilience to survive unexpected situations – and to support you in discovering and exploiting growth opportunities in risks that threaten your existence.

Dynamic risk management

ARISCO's dynamic risk management information system supports you when making decisions on important risk management processes such as risk identification and assessment, risk control and claims management. With a user-friendly interface, a variety of tools and state-of-the-art technology, our risk management software is highly customisable to your individual needs and provides effective claims management, auditing and security solutions.

Your Risk Expert

Robert Ebel

Robert Ebel

Partner | Head market area | International Desk Manager

Executive MBA (UZH)

CAS in Insurance Broking

+41 41 545 68 70

+41 41 545 68 70

Ivo Flüeler

Ivo Flüeler

Chief Executive Officer | Partner | Board of Directors

Certified Business Economist HF
MAS in Corporate Finance

+41 41 545 68 69

+41 41 545 68 69

Eugen Huber

Eugen Huber

CCO | Partner | Member of the Executive Board

Lic. iur. HSG / Lawyer

+41 41 545 68 86

+41 41 545 68 86

Q & A

What risks threaten my company?

In the modern world, the main challenges companies face are cyber incidents, business interruption, legal changes (e.g. trade disputes and customs requirements), natural disasters, market developments (e.g. increased competition), fire/explosion, increasing weather volatility, loss of reputation, new technologies, macroeconomic developments (e.g. increase in commodity prices), political risks, shortage of skilled workers, product recall, theft/fraud and health issues

What can ARISCO do to secure the existence of my company?

ARISCO is a "system provider", which means that we cover all the client's needs in the area of standard "policy handling", but with a particular focus on integral risk management and employee competencies.

How do I succeed in discovering opportunities in risks?

Through an integral risk dialogue, ARISCO discovers the opportunities in its clients' risks.

Which risks should I definitely transfer to an insurer?

Risks that cannot be avoided, reduced or borne by the company itself after a risk management process has been implemented.

What are the characteristics of modern risk management?

Modern risk management is characterised by the implementation of a dynamic component. The client must be able to record the entire process – from the identification of risks, the provision of pension plans and presentation of the current situation, through to the selection of the relevant measures – in a dynamic manner

How should modern risk management be integrated into corporate management?

As an active control element, a functioning risk management system helps businesses to achieve their corporate goals. It must therefore be integrated into the top level of management.

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