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Our experts help you through the process of caring for sick and injured employees. Our coaches support employees and managers in difficult professional and private situations. Our lawyers offer you competent legal advice so that you can seek redress even in complicated cases of damage. In this way, we can ease the burden and ensure security. And you can concentrate all your energy on your core business.


What can I expect with case management?

Case management offers rapid and targeted, individual support in the event of incapacity to work due to illness or accident. The aim is to regain working and performance capacity.

How does case management work?

In an initial personal interview at the client's site, the current situation is analysed. An action plan is drawn up in consultation with all those involved; goals are set and measures are planned. The case manager coordinates all parties involved (employer, insurer, lawyer, doctor, integrated care and relatives). Progress meetings are held with the authorities involved in order to ensure reintegration. The case manager maintains constant contact with the partners involved and remains the main contact person until the sick employee has been completely reintegrated.

Does case management apply when employees are repeatedly on sick leave for individual days?

First of all, management should seek to discuss the matter with the employee. If there is no culture of trust – or if the relationship between superiors and employees is rather difficult – the initiation of preventive case management can be valuable for the employer and the sick employee. Case management ensures that the manager fulfils his or her duty of care towards the employee and that the employee can seek a solution with an external, neutral case manager.

What professional training and experience do case managers possess?

Case managers ideally have a degree at a tertiary level (university, technical college or university of applied sciences). Further training in consulting or case management at a university of applied sciences is important.

Case managers have sound knowledge in the areas of social security, medicine and process management. As process owners, they endeavour to coordinate the important contact persons and to ensure the exchange of information between all parties involved (psychologists, doctor, employer, integrated care, client).

They are able to work under pressure, have excellent communication skills, think in a process-oriented manner, can oversee complex situations and set the necessary priorities. It is important that the CM quickly establishes sustainable relationships and complies with data protection.

When is case management successful?

Case management is successful if the client fulfils their duty to cooperate and voluntarily agrees to CM and agrees to cooperate with the CM.

Responsibility and partnership: All those involved make their contribution to the achievement of objectives.

Trust: Open, transparent communication and mutual trust are prerequisites for successful CM.

Confidentiality: Compliance with data protection and professional secrecy are assumed.

Case management is always individually oriented.

Together with the employee who is ill, the CM defines goals based on his or her resources and by taking the environment into account. The aim is to ensure that these goals are achieved so that successful reintegration can take place.

Is it possible to have a company certified with regard to the quality of its workplace health promotion?

Yes, Health Promotion Switzerland offers the label "Friendly Workspace". This label is an award for organisations that successfully implement WHM. Friendly workspace companies are systematically committed to good working conditions for their employees. The process for being awarded the label takes place through independent assessors who evaluate the existing WHM systems of the company.

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